PC Game Review - Victoria II

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Greg Iles can be an enjoyable writer, who may have three series and several stand alones to his credit. The first book I read of his would be a standalone called 24 Hours, simcity buildit hack tool and I marked it as being OK. I vaguely recall using an issue with the credibility of the main characters, but was impressed enough to test him again.

Aion is set in a world referred to as Atreia. In addition to being the title with the game itself, Aion is additionally the name of Atreia's god. Aion, in most cases, seems to be a great god which is mostly enthusiastic about keeping people of Atreia safe from harm. So, in the beginning, he made a race known as the Draken who have been provided for protect individuals. Unfortunately, in truly classic biblical form, the Draken rebelled against their god and were cast out. In their place, Aion created what are known as the Empyrean Lords, who have been also sent to defend individuals of Atreia. To their credit, these new guardians would not rebel. They worked to protect the humans from the cast-out Draken, now called the Balaur.

There are three modes of play: single, 2 player, and Balloon Trip. The main goal for that first two modes is always to pop every one of the balloons and keep your individual player aloft. In Balloon Trip, you must traverse with an obstacle course and test out your flying skills. Be careful of the lightning and other baddies waiting to knock you out in the sky.

New Vegas concerns a major upcoming border clash involving the New California Republic and Caesar's Legion, two armies of nebulous morals in conflict in the resources of New Vegas and Hoover Dam. The player character can be a courier who's been miraculously revived after buying a bullet inside the head from your New Vegas casino owner looking to get your character's mysteriously significant delivery, a platinum poker chip. Your character is driven from the wish for revenge to succeed in New Vegas, and events he encounters in the process usually leads him with the idea to align with one of the armies looming over New Vegas or try and forge his or her own destiny.

An assault pack is left behind when enough evil minions are shot, and collecting it allows one of nine extra weapons being bolted on and used. Cases containing a deadly chemical are also scattered regarding the landscape and are collected by walking into them - in some instances, over and over again. If the cases usually are not picked up, Doc Terror are certain to get hold of them and use the contents to destroy the world.